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  • I.T POST #13


    Everyone has their dreams. But often we feel lost after years and years of hardship and obstacles in life. More often, we forget about the perseverance and dream that we once possessed. The 13th edition of I.T POST, themed「per·se·ver·ance」delivers the message that encourages you to believe in you dream, stick to it and never give up through scrumptious images and unique styles. Images and visuals pumped with energy don’t only showcase the well-thought concepts of photographers and stylists but also the persistence and bravery one would need facing the choices in life, through a variety of fashion looks.

    I.T POST’s editorial team travelled across the globe for the new theme, collaborating with different designers, photographers, models, illustrators and other fashion units to weave a web of fashion images to show the spirit of perseverance. Famous designer and photography aficionado Rad Hourani delivers his latest SS13 Collection with his signature monochrome style; London-based graphic designer and illustrator Ruben Ireland creates dreamy and passionate illustrations by mixing traditional painting techniques and digital imagery; Famous model Cesar Casier jotted down his favourite recipes and the irritating little trivia in life through 10 writing by famous male model; Monteral-based photographer Andy Long Hoang creates fashion shoot with impressive play of light and shadow. Up-and-coming model John Hein and Ben Waters- Rei Kawakubo’s new favourite sampled the latest SS13 fashions. Page after page’s magnificent visual feast is what makes this issue’s I.T POST well worth the wait.

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