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  • I.T POST #12

    FALL WINTER 2012

    Oh sweet youth. Rather then reminisce, why not hold on to that feeling of youthfulness and re-live it when the time comes. Then that courage, fearless, passion and laughter that were exclusive to the innocent youth won’t fade away in any stage of our age.

    I.T Post 12th issue themed「YOUNG@HEART」aims to bring readers down the memory lane with texts and images and feel young again. The unexpected, innovative visuals and concepts will be a most talked-about for the autumn-winter.

    To echo the theme of this new issue, I.T POST’s editors went on a globe-trotting journey to invite different fashion units including designers, photographers, models and illustrators to interpret the theme youth in their own medium. Famous fashion designer Isabel Marant picked the form of a scrapbook journal to communicate her definition of 「YOUNG@HEART」with words and photo collage. Pierre Hardy created a painting especially for the theme of this issue. Edgy Chinese contemporary designer Xander Zhou shared a piece of his mind in an exclusive interview. Steve Kim and Sixto-Juan Zavala produced their signature paintings in response to the theme. Famous photographers Christoffer Relander and Alex Kirzhner picked the form of fashion photography. Apart from the masterminds listed above, we toured with Daisuke Obana, designer of Japanese menswear label N.Hoolywood in his studio in Tokyo and visited celebrity model Ethan James Green from New York on set for his monotoned photo shoot. All the unique behind the scene visuals and stories make the I.T POST well worth the wait.

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