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    Korean brand 99%IS is founded in 2012. Designer Bajowoo is deeply inspired by rock music and street culture to bring unique cultural elements into the design concepts of the brand.

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    A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation) is a french fashion label founded by Jean Touitou. Beyond clothes and accessories, APC also releases records.


    Acne Jeans unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed with other brands.


    Agosto, along with Fullnelson and Praha are all under notable Japanese fashion house, Agosto. The brand recognizes the importance of garments, and based its designs on different levels of conceptual thinking from around the world.


    London based designer Aitor Throup was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. He arrived in Burnley, Lancashire in 1992 and it was there that Throup developed a passion for labels such as Stone Island and C.P. Company.


    Akira Naka is a Japanese fashion designer and founder of the label of the same name. His work, largely focused on knitwear in his early career has taken a turn toward tailored work that includes a variety of dresses, fabric inserts, and a great deal of European Influence.


    Aleksandr Manamis was born in Denmark, rooted in the capital, Copenhagen and grew up and affected by the North European fashion style. Therefore, he designs a collection of simple and stylish clothing for his brand with his same name. Aleksandr Manamis uses dripping cut to show the layering of clothing.


    With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following (fans include David Bowie and Prodigy's Keith Flint). He joined the Gucci group in 2000.


    Alexander Wang was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and later moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design. In 2005, after two years, he left school to pursue launching his own label.


    Graduated from Polytechnic University, Amaya finished her study in fashion design in 1992. Two years later, she established her own firm and launched her first collection. In the same year, she held her first fashion show.


    Launched in 2005, French designer Mickaël Azoulay established American Vintage. Using the simplest, but most comfortable materials and natural fiber, his design began with the basic item of round-neck tee.


    Known for its creative usage and reinterpretation of second-hand garment, Andrea Crews combines arts with fashion. It is a platform of creative action, and a collective of strong and playful style under the artistic direction of founder Maroussia Rebecq.


    Born in Pesaro on July 29 1973, andrea has always lived in a creative environment. His father is an architect and his mother a passionate of painting. He grew up in his grandmother's fashion shop and at 8 decided he wanted to be a rtw designer.


    Born in Belgium in 1959. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1981, she is a member of the famous academy alumni known as "Antwerp 6". Ann Demeulemmester joined the London Collections in 1987 and has participated in Paris Collections since 1992.


    AN・REAL・AGE stands for "real, unreal, age". Designer Kunihiko Morinaga defines "real" as mediocre, but believes "unreal" does not represent superior, but in fact the hidden characteristics that lie beneath ordinary. While "age" follows us for infinity, through his designs, Morinaga wishes to explore the truth to reality.


    Half British and half Sicilian designer Antonio Berardi is born in England. His inspiration is based from his origins and able to design with a balance in between. Antonia Berardi's collection is influenced by the street wear, cool and yet comfort enough to wear them to dance.


    Annelie Augustin is born in Germany whereas Odely Teboul is born in France. Since they worked together in Adidas and Jean Paul Gaultier, their different backgrounds influenced and accomplished each other, then decided to combine the best of both in design and created the brand AUGUATIN TEBOUL.


    Born in Holland, Eric Frenken established Avelon in 2008. His design is simple, but edgy, foreseeing a futuristic scene. Using unique silhouettes and proportions, extreme sense of fabric selection and details, the collection is filled with mystery and charm.


    In July 2001, Anne Valérie Hash unveiled her first ready to wear collection for Spring/Summer 2002. In 2004, her work was on display at French Institut of Milan for "Anne Valérie Hash - avant scène". In 2005, Anne Valérie Hash put on a runway show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for "Spectres – Fashion In Motion".

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    Cristobal Balenciaga started his couture house back in 1919, influencing the face of modern couture with his imposing, sculpture-like silhouettes. The line, dormant for nearly thirty years, stepped into the ready-to-wear arena in the 90's, reproducing classic looks for the minimal tides of that era.


    Scott Sternberg established Band of Outsiders Inc. in 2004, and launched the company's first fashion label in the same year. Scott admired actor Jean-Luc Godard, and named his fashion label after the film《Band of Outsiders》.


    We want to celebrate identity. AND SAY IT LOUD. It's where our name came from. Identity has never been driven by fashion; instead it's driven by personal style, with individuality being the sign of the times.


    Beautiful People’s brand philosophy is to focus on the design. The brand was created by a four-designer-team headed by Hidenori Kumakiri. Graduated in 1996 from the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, Hidenori worked as a pattern maker with Comme des Garcons and created his own pattern maker company in 2004 called entertainment.


    BEDWIN means the nomads of the Middle East and North Africa region, and also the starting point for the brand to launch a series of rather free-style clothing, embracing the elements of different regions and comfortable design. BEDWIN was founded in Tokyo Japan, 2003, full name as BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS.


    Before establishing his own brand "BLACK and BLUE" in spring 2010, Masato FUnited Kingdomuhara was working as a pattern marker for a number of top fashion brands in Japan, such as zucca, COMME des GARCONS, etc.


    Black Pearl is one of the labels under the notable Japanese fashion house, Agosto. Known for its use of draping, pattern and fitted cutting, Black Pearl creates a strong and powerful image, while showcasing the natural grace and beauty of modern women.


    BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett is Neil Barrett's 2nd line collection. BLACKBARRETT carries all of Neil Barrett's trademark mainline fits, offering a complete wardrobe from an accessible price point. BLACKBARRETT builds season on season into a core collection of sartorial staples, with the aim of creating a modern and timeless wardrobe.


    BLK DNM is a famous denim brand based in New York. It’s a unique brand that'ss always been true to its origin but not pursuing the trends blindly.


    Born in United Kingdom, Joe Casely-Hayford studied fashion design at Saint Martin's School of Art, and later in 1979 graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Arts. With his rich background, Casely-Hayford established his fashion label in 1985 and designs a collection of traditional and innovative mix.


    Originated from New York City, Scott Sternberg established Band of Outsiders Inc. in 2004, launching the company's first fashion label - Boy by Band of Outsiders.


    As early as the 1970s, Stephen Raynor has been selling fashion from his own brand Acme Attractions in King’s Roads market which housed also design mavericks the likes of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.


    BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE stands for natural elegance, nonchalance and modernity. In a symbiosis of elegance and destruction, past and future arise sophisticated modern collections for men and women. Radical charming.

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    Designer Tamami Akiyama is most famous for her unique hand stitched tweed fabrics. Akiyama hopes her C.Pili works will be influential and beloved in the next 50 and 100 years.


    Established in 1989, CA4LA is solely dedicated to hat designs, leading the trend of the hat industry. With over 10 in-house designers under the label, CA4LA is now a worldwide brand.


    Antwerp-based Cedric Jacquemyn graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 before starting his label under his own name. He has developed his darkly romantic menswear aesthetic into a ready-to-wear business, showcasing garments and accessories at the Paris, Berlin, London and Copenhagen fashion weeks.


    Phoebe Philo is British. She was born in Paris and educated in London. She studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, graduating in 1996. June 2011: Awarded “International Designer of the Year” by the CFDA.


    Born in 1970 in Turkey, Hussein Chalayan graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Since his debut in 1995, he rose to the fame of one of the pioneering British designers, enjoying as much attention and publicity as Alexander McQueen.


    After working many years at Lee, Swedish designer Örjan Andersson left the company and began his own eccentric brand. He realized the lack of low-priced denim in the market, and in 2003, he found a Thailand producer and launched a line of denim collection named as Cheap Monday.


    Christian DaDa is founded by Masanori Morikawa (森川 マサノリ). The vision of the brand is "To create the clothing for the Adolescence". It not only emphasizes on the degree of wearing, but also on utilizing the clothing as a tool to express one self's identity. Born in March 1984. After becoming independent from “CHARLES ANASTASE”, he co-founded the fashion brand “LIVRAISON” with his friend. He departed from this brand in 2009 and launched “CHRISTIAN DADA” in A/W 2010. He held his first solo runway collection at the Laforet HarajUnited Kingdomu Museum in A/W 2011 and gained the popularity in Japan, works are available in the large scale Select shop like ACYCLE SHIPS JET BLUE and CANDY. He also designed Lady Gaga’s MTV AID JAPAN outfit worn in June 2011.


    The young Christian Wijnants graduated from Royal Academy of Anvers. He was once the assistance of Dries van Norten, and later established his own fashion label in 1998. By mixing simple designs with innovative and technological play of fabric, his collection embodies unusual concept and boundless imagination.


    Christopher graduated from the master degree of Menswear, Central St.Martins, United Kingdom. He gained inspirations from Viviane Sassen, John Stezaker, Paul Graham, Erik Steinbrecher and the Wild Bunch crew, with the comfortable and remarkable cutting creates the stylish sportswear.


    Rei Kawakubo is an avant-garde Japanese fashion designer whose work is distinguished by its warped asymmetry, distressed fabrics and monochromatic palette. Since her rise to prominence in the early 1980s, she has become influential for her work under the label "Comme des Garcons" (trans. “Like Boys”), of which she is the part-time owner.


    French for “like boys”, Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GARÇONS is heralded in Japan, but popular world over. The label is renowned for her conceptualism. In 1988, the brand introduced COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT, which is typified by bold colours, eye-catching print, and panelled detailing, presenting the brand in a contemporary manner.


    COSMIC WONDER Light Source, launched in 2007, is our fashion project. CWLS studies various aspects of light and weaves these ideas into the clothing.


    CoSTUME NATIONAL designed by Ennio Capasa was founded in 1986. Born in Lecce, Italy, Ennio gained his fashion training at Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.


    Taking a modern approach to the American classic, Current/Elliott seeks to transcend denim trends with its unique silhouettes, classic fit, and everlasting aesthetics. Constantly inspired by the past yet always looking to the future, Current/Elliott continually delivers its customers with more of what they have always loved .

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    D.GNAK is the darling boy in Korea’s fashion scene right now. He has broken plenty of records in mere six years. He was the first Korean designer to have shown his solo collection twice during London Fashion Week. He also wants to show in Milan in a near future because for him Milan is the epitome of high fashion.


    Born in Finland, Daniel Palillo graduated from the University of Art & Design Helsinki, and later worked as a buyer for Wunder fashion boutique. He launched his first collection in 2008, staying true to the concept of "It's not just fashion, it's a (R)evolution."


    Born and raised in California, the long-haired, pumped-up Owens studied art at Parsons in LA before opting instead to take a two-year course on pattern-making. He then spent a number of years cutting patterns for knock-off and sportswear companies, before embarking on his own label.


    Known as a design genius, Delfina first created her jewels collection when she was at the beginning of her twenties. Born in Italy, Delfina is the fourth generation descendant of international brand Fendi. She studied in America and France respectively and later worked in haute label Chanel and discovered her passion for fashion.


    Established in 1829, Delvaux has experienced over two centuries of changes. With its persistence to traditional quality, uniqueness and personal style, the designers continue to experiment with different leather.


    Recognized as the queen of three-dimensional cutting, Charlotte Eskildsen and husband Niels Eskildsen launched the brand in 2002. Using architectural landscapes as their inspirations, their garments focus on cutting, offering a collection of constructive details.


    Started in 2003, the main concept of the designers' line has been to push their humor to its limits. The remaining inspiration for every collection is just their way of life, their own way of seeing things: dead, dark, lovely and funny in the same time.


    Though "Dictionary" is a simple book that provides direct translation, an element of surprise is hidden to offer more. Established in 2008, the collection is based on the concept of minimalism, while offering unique astonishment.


    DIGAWEL is founded by the designer Kohei Nishimura in 2006. Compared with other Japanese brand, DIGAWEL is relatively low profile. The designer hopes to abandon all the standard on clothing, strives to create the design with DIGAWEL identity, which is in turn highly personalized.


    Dior Homme is the menswear division of Christian Dior. It began revolutionizing the menswear world in fall 2001. The brand is best-known for its slim fitting silhouettes and Rock ‘n’ Roll style.


    Dean and Dan Caten (born Dean and Dan Catenacci) are identical twin brothers, fashion designers, founders and owners of the DSQUARED2. In June 2007, the first DSquared2 flagship was opened in Milan's fashion district.


    Dummyhead Depaysemen was founded by Satoko Ozawa in 2009, the brand concept is “Genderless”. Her designs put a new spin on menswear through integrating heterogeneity into the everyday.


    Founded in 2004, Duvetica offers high quality down garments that use only the most expensive and rare Grey Goose feather from France. On the other hand, fabrics are made with precise technique, creating a young and stylish collection of down jackets.

  • E

    Ensor Civet is known for its elegant designs, ideal for the modern women that are sharp in senses and strong in personality. Using unique fabrics and cutting, the brand focuses on "Feminine Mood and Men's Works" as their core concept, creating a line of edgy collection.


    Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Junya Watanabe joined Comme des Garçons as a pattern cutter. Although designing under his own name, Watanabe still works under the overall Comme des Garçons title.

  • F

    Facetasm is a young Japanese label that has great influence on the fashion industry in Japan. Prior to establishing his own label in 2007, designer Hiromichi Ochiai previously worked at Comme des Garcons and Undercover.


    The designer Koji UDO graduated from the MODE college in Tokyo, Japan and joined the famous Japanese brand Beams. After being independent from Beams he continued his study in London and founded the brand FACTOTUM in 2004.


    Russia-born Ilya Fleet combined the traditional leather making skills with the three-dimensional design aesthetics he learned from his father to create designs that excel in both function and style. His own collection Restraint took off quickly.


    Born in 1974, worked for Tsumori Chisato after graduation from Bunka Fashion College in 2000 and moved to Frapbois in 2005. Sasaki is now working as the chief designer of Frapbois.


    With "power women" as their core design concept, the designer-duet incorporates music, movies and different cultural aspects into their collection. Their style represents a sense of cool, rock, masculine, sexy, elegant and chic elements.

  • G

    Making headway with her investigation of a more feminine look, designer Mug presented a series of sassy and sexy designs here. A bright red dress and leopard print coat, as well as enamel ankle boots, dazzled on the gloomily lit G.V.G.V. Runway.


    Gareth is the most upcoming designer in London, and he’s very popular around the world right now, everyone talks about him. He has been the assistant of Rick Owens, and all his clothing is being produced by Owen Co. (“Rick Owens Empire in Paris”).


    Band of Outsiders was founded by Scott Sternberg, a former famous manager in Hollywood, in 2004. His designs are recontextualized vintage-inspired looks with hand-sewn seams and shrunken proportions.


    The distinctive luxury French brand appointed Riccardo Tisci as Artistic Director and covers a wide range of product. Riccardo draws on the same standard of excellence to twist the codes of the House of Givenchy, restrainedly playing with a palette of non-colours, greys, blacks, whites and beiges, set off with occasional flashes of ruby and topaz, to better outline a streamlined and uncluttered silhouette.


    Maki has worked for Yohji Yamamoto for 9 years before launching his first collection in Paris in 1995. Maki's designs focused on deconstruction and reconstruction of the clothes.


    Thanks to the series for Aglec, Gosha Rubchinskiy is without doubt becoming one of the rising stars at the Berlin Fashion Week. Magazine 032c’s iJoergKoch invited him to exhibit his works at their studio.

  • H

    Inspired by his surrounding, the design is modern, with precise details, reflecting strong architectural techniques and femininity. Turkish designer, Hakaan Yildirim is now based in London.


    Hélène Zubeldia joins CHLOÉ where she gets a taste of eastern luxury by designing evening dresses for her customers from the Middle-East. She creates a duality by associating sophisticated crystals with large resin bracelets with pure lines.


    Helmut Lang is often referred to as the master of Minimalist. He has started developing his fashion career as early as 1977. He opened business in Paris in 1986.


    Established in 2002, Horace is a combined success of designers Adam Entwisle, Emma Hales and Philip Grisewood. Horace began as a hobby for a group of friends, but as its unique designs expanded, it soon became a notable international label.


    Henry Holland designs with a London girl aesthetic in mind and is continually inspired by the variety of attitudes, cultures and mindsets that exist throughout the UK capital. The House of Holland girl is cool, confident and savvy and wears labels without letting them wear her.


    Nigo got inspirations from the vintage garments he had collected through the years and commissioned WAREHOUSE- one of Japan’s top workshop to recreate vintage, retro-looking garments as well as working with good friend and former BAPE designer Sk8thing on graphic to create this high quality and vintage collection called Human Made.


    Nobuhiko Kitamura was born in 1962, Tokyo, Japan. Design concept of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR is based on the 1960’s and 1970’s American cultures that influenced Nobuhiko Kitamura during his childhood, especially music, comics, pornography, automobiles.

  • I

    I.T traces its beginning back to the seeds of a simple idea: to cater the young individuals with a distinct sense of style. It all began in 1988 with a small 200 square-foot shop featuring brands that were not readily available elsewhere in Hong Kong.


    On 2006 Ilaria Nistri and Simone Rafanelli founded Stilab S.r.l. They worked tirelessly, side by side, dividing the work between them: Ilaria took care of design management and Simone looked after general management.


    InAisce, meaning "in vain" in Gaelic, is the work of a designer based out of New York, Jona. Inspired by historical figures, events, art and photography, as well as incredible stories of actual history. The designer creates visions of utilitarian clothing from the past with a modern touch and unique fabrics.


    Origin from Paris designer brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton design simple and yet cool every day wear for women and launched the label IRO on 2004. They have always use delicate fabrics in their collection such as leather, cashmere, silk and pure cotton, the style is combined with street punk as well as Parisian chic.


    Isabel Marant, born in Paris 1968, a honeypot of bohemian rock-star style. First collection launch in 1994. The separates skim the body without constricting it: silk jersey dresses, loose sweaters ready to slip from a shoulder, tight little knitwear sets in cool colors (prune, green, and taupe).

  • J

    Born in Ireland, J.W.Anderson believes that fashion design can borrow ideas from both mens and women’s wear. Men’s wear can be inspired by the ideas of women’s wear and vice versa. J.W.Anderson designs for people who aspire to the beauty of freedom as his design philosophy highlights being free.


    Graduated from London’s Royal College of Art, James long was named his favourite young designer by Lanvin’s men’s wear designer Lucas Ossendrijver. Dolce & Gabbana’s top model and a member of British Fashion Council David Gandy picked the cotton jacket from James Long’s 2012 autumn-winter collection his favourite piece after viewing collections at all the fashion shows during fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York.


    Jean Paul Gaultier born in the country side of Paris and created his first imagery clothing collection at the young age of fourteen. When he was seventeen, his neighbor introduced him to work in L’Écho de la Mode magazine as an illustrator, the experience of working with fashion designer Marc Bohan has motivated Gaultier to design.


    Jean Paul Lespagnard is more than a fashion designer but also a theatre costume designer, visual artist and a stylist for fashion magazines. He started his eponymous brand in 2011 and showed his first women’s wear collection during the Paris Fashion Week.


    In 2005, Eri Utsugi left FRAPBOIS and launched her new brand mercibeaucoup, this season. In 2010 July, a new line of mercibeaucoup, was launched! This new line named “jevous enprie!” means “You are welcome!” in French.


    Since the departure of Jil Sander from the brand that she well-established, Raf Simons joint the group in 2006 as creative director, and launched a second line, named as Jil Sander Navy.


    Joomi Lim, from United States, launched her own jewellery and hair piece collection in Fall Winter 2009 with husband, Xavier Ricolfi. Joomi has a deep admiration for anything related to France.


    Julius is a Japanese fashion label run and designed by Tatsuro Horikawa. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life.


    Julius is a Japanese fashion label run and designed by Tatsuro Horikawa. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life.

  • K

    Since 2002 Karen Walker has been working closely with stylist Heathermary Jackson on all collec­tions. Karen Walker collec­tions are high casual. The reoccurring theme is taking extremes and pushing them together — masculine and feminine, tailored and street, luxury and non luxury, dark and super-cute.


    The KENZO brand is a unique alchemy between East and West. "KENZO" brought the idea of "complete freedom" to clothing and accessories, expressed in an infinite fusion of materials, colors, prints and cutting techniques.


    Kitsune was founded in 2002 in Paris by Masaya Kuroki, Patrick Lacey, Gildas Loaec, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Stahl and Maki SuzUnited Kingdomi, who both like fashion and music. They are not only musicians but also fashion designers.


    KLASICA is a brand founded by designer Kohei Kawamura in 2004, the high degree of originality is the brand's most distinguishing feature. Kawamura is well known for his concept of "used item re-make", which means giving new lives to old clothes. Products of KLASICA go well beyond the traditional restrictions in the fashion industry, all of them are designed and released regardless of the seasonal concerns. And also, leather, animal horns and teeth are used to produce accessories, this distinctive style and choice of materials make KLASICA popular. Kawamura does well in fusing the concept of "ready to wear" from all over the world, his products break the time limit, mix different kinds of costumes together and underline a unique personal style.


    Kris Van Assche is a Belgian fashion designer. He studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Antwerp from 1994 to 1998. After graduation he moved to Paris in 1998 and was immediately appointed at Yves Saint Laurent as Hedi Slimane’s first assistant for the Rive Gauche Homme line.


    Ksubi has evolved into one of the most notorious and recognized fashion labels in the world. For 11 years, ideas, individuality and authenticity has developed the Australian brand into an underground subculture, a lifestyle—an international presence with a cult following.

  • L

    One of the most influential designers of the 1920s and '30s, Jeanne Lanvin's skillful use of intricate trimmings, virtuoso embroideries and beaded decorations in clear, light, floral colors became a Lanvin trademark.


    Being the fashion consultant of famous singer, Lenny Kravitz, Nobuhiko set up L.G.B in 2003, using his connection with the celebrities, design clothes for the young generation who are influenced by singers and celebrities. T


    Opening with a camisole dress matched with engineer boots, this collection depicted a strong woman who stood in stark contrast to last season's sweet and sexy girls.


    Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand of luxury eyewear rose quickly to acclaim amongst stylish Londoners and international jet set. Today renowned for its collaborations with many of the world's most acclaimed designers.


    Lost & found is more than just a brand, it is a concept; a concept that values the traditional handcraft of garment, adding innovation and creativity to turn it into fashion. The brand's signature designs include draping, and edgy styles.


    London based designer Aitor Throup was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. He arrived in Burnley, Lancashire in 1992 and it was there that Throup developed a passion for labels such as Stone Island and C.P. Company.


    Danish designer Louise Amstrup graduated at Akadamie Mode Design with "Graduate Talent" price. She has worked with many diverse fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders, Alistair Carr and Sophia Kokosalaki etc.


    British designer Louise Gray is one of the upcoming designers to watch. In 2005 she graduated in Central Saint Martins with a master degree and has stood out since the Spring Summer London Fashion Week in 2008.


    LUTZ HUELLE was launched in 2000 with first Presentation at Fabrice Hybert‘s Studio in Paris and is now sold in around 70 Multibrand Stores worldwide, including L‘Eclaireur and MariaLuisa/Printemps in Paris, Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, IT in Hongkong, IF in New York City, Boon The Shop in Seoul, Camargue in Brisbane and Isetan in Tokyo.

  • M

    Maison Martin Margiela was found in 1988 and presented his first collection in 89 S/S. MM6, the basic garments for women was introduced 1998. 10, the wardrobe for men debuted in 1999. 4, the wardrobe for women was introduced in 04 S/S.


    In 1989 Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy joined Perry Ellis as Vice-President of Women’s Design and President respectively. In 1992, the CFDA once again bestowed Jacobs with a distinct honor: the Women’s Designer of the Year Award for his fabled Grunge Collection.


    ShunsUnited Kingdome Ishikawa, the designer of MARKAWARE & marka, first launched the label in autumn/winter 2002, does all the processes of making clothes in Japan for sourcing fabrics, manufacturing and its production.


    ShunsUnited Kingdome Ishikawa, the designer of MARKAWARE & marka, first launched the label in autumn/winter 2002, does all the processes of making clothes in Japan for sourcing fabrics, manufacturing and its production. M


    Markus Lupfer graduated in 1997 from London’s University of Westminster with a first-class honors degree. With his refreshingly unique style and artful way he redefined everyday basics, his critically acclaimed final year collection was immediately bought by London boutique Koh Samui.


    Matthew Miller is a young British designer, founded his own label in 2010. He graduated in Royal Colleage of Art with the graduation work “THE IRONY OF MASCULINITY AND HIS JOVIAL APPROACH TO THE MACABRE”, which has gained a great acclaim and being awarded as “ the most potential fashion new star” from the VOGUE Magazine.


    With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following (fans include David Bowie and Prodigy's Keith Flint).


    Born in 1966. One year after enrolling at Esmod Japon in 1986, she moved to France to study at Studio Bercot. After working at Zucca and Tsumori Chisato, she debuted her own brand FRAPBOIS in Tokyo in 01-02 A/W. In 2005, she left FRAPBOIS and launched her new brand mercibeaucoup, this season.


    Graduated from Bunka Fashion College in 1994, Miyao worked as patterner for COMME des GARCONS for nearly 13 years. His designs were deeply influenced by Rei Kawakubo.


    MM6 is the sister label to cult superbrand Maison Martin Margiela. The range consists of easily mixable separates, shoes and accessories comprising of wearable day-to-day basics. Pieces can be worn a variety of different ways, encouraging the wearer to express her own style and individuality whilst staying true to the distinctive style of the mainline collection.


    MOSCOT is a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear – The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and MOSCOT Sun Collections.


    Introducing a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment.


    Since the Aoyama-based designer Yoshio Kubo launched his eponymous menswear brand in 2005, his works launched into the fashion hall of fame for his delicate cutting and innovative design.


    Michiko Nakayama graduated from Tokyo’s Dressmaker Gakuin and founded her own brand MUVEIL in 2007. Nakayama likes to infuse the cute elements beloved by her young female fans into her collection such as embroidery, lace, fur, floral, animal pattern and et al.

  • N

    Number (N)ine was founded by Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita, who began by working in street style in Tokyo's famous Harajuku district.


    Born in Kanagawa, in 1974. After working as a buyer for vintage shops, DaisUnited Kingdome Obana established his own label "N.HOOLYWOOD" and opened the first self-standing store "Mister hollywood" in 2000.


    Natalia Brilli was born in Belgium and works now in Paris where she settled her design studio. Her work keeps getting more and more respect and in 2006 she was awarded the A.N.D.A.M prize. She once said “people buy my accessory not only because it looks good.


    Based on an upside down world dreamed of by a child, Ne-Net is the collection of a series of hippy styles with combinations of fairy-tale styles motif printed fabrics crafted into relaxed silhouettes. Kazuaki Takashima was appointed as a designer of


    Neil studied at both Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London. Launched his own brand - Neil Barrett Womenswear Collections, Neil Barrett has attracted celebrities like Madonna, Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Robin Wright.


    Nina Ricci was born out of the dream of an exceptional woman. She had a passion for French sophistication and it was clear for her that a woman’s beauty emanates from the thousand facets of her femininity, with an allure accompanying her every movement.


    Designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua was born in Comune di Napoli in Italy, graduated in 1982 from Istituto Superiore di Design. He named the brand after his birthday December 21 as 21 was his lucky number. He creates clothes that are feminine, fashionable and edgy.


    Noel Stewart is a London-based internationl women’s hat manufacturer. The designer Noel Stewar graduated with a master’s degree in the Royal College of Art. Noel has collaborated with designer Dai Rees and apprenticed with Stephen Jones at the house of Christian Dior Couture.


    NONNATIVE is founded in 1999. The brand takes inspiration from experiences gained in travel and the brand’s surroundings, using this to produce garments that reconstruct details from military, outdoor and work wear clothing.


    Designer Masahiko Maruyama started the brand nude: masahiko maruyama in 1996. The designer focuses on matching different fabrics and textures instead of over-processing and pretentious designs. He wishes to convey his aesthetic philosophy through minimalistic silhouette and innovative use of materials.

  • O

    Obscur is built on a self-evident principle regarding the design – a garment’s true value can only be fully recognized when it is being worn. Designer Richard Söderberg creates the clothes after absorbing the spirit of the dark and misty landscapes of his home country.


    Designer famously creates various clutches of classic literature books made with impeccable handcraft and colorful graphics.


    Opening Ceremony, founded by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon in 2002, has evolved from the in house brand of a New York department store, into a leader in the market of combining avant-garde styling and streetwear.

  • P

    Peachoo Datwani and Roy Krejberg started the brand in 2004. They love mix and matching and use an architectural perspective to create the fashion. They don’t believe that a collection can only be inspired by a single source of idea but they trusted their soul to create fashion.


    Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi created the brand PREEN after graduated from Winchester School and Central Lancashire respectively. The brand PREEN first excited the fashion world with its amazing all in one pieces, followed by many other designs.


    Phoebe English is a luxury Womenswear label creating garments with an attention to precision and beauty. Through the resurrection of lost, forgotten or little-used techniques, Phoebe English hopes to raise an awareness and respect for construction rather than decoration and thus bring a new dimension to young London design.


    This Spring Summer season the renowned international brand Balmain excites the fashion world with its new second line – Pierre Balmain. The Pierre Balmain design is coordinate with the mainline, continuing its glamorous rock and roll style, but with a lighter touch and more casual attitude suitable for everyday wear.


    In 2009 May, Private Sector Co., Ltd. Was established by two designers , Miyuki Omichi and Ayumi Kita. They started fashion label“plumpynuts”. In 2009 Sep, they opened own boutique “SHOW CASE by plumpynuts”at Jingu-mae. In 2009 Oct, full line up has been developing from 2010 Spring & Summer collection.


    Preen was foundered in 1996 by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi. They are renowned for their distinctive and clever cutting. Their experimentation often starts with the simplest of shapes and then springs off into detail, asymmetry, drape or fold.

  • R

    The designer has remained a mystery ever since the collection debuted. As the designer believes that denims are a neccessity in every fashion lover's closet; r13 is a brand based on the fundamental values of jeans' wear - practical with individuality and fashionable.


    Rad Hourani reinvents fashion by transcending its conventions, creating a unisex luxury that is changing women’s and men’s wardrobes since he launched his namesake label in 2007 in Paris.


    Raf Simons was born in Neerpelt, Belgium in 1968. After he graduated in industrial design, he started working as a furniture designer for galleries and private interiors. In a radical change of profession, he became a self-trained menswear fashion designer in 1995. Now he lives and works in Antwerp, where his studio is based.

    RAG & BONE

    Founded in 2002, Rag & Bone had one very clear vision in mind: to make clothes that are fit to wear for every day use. With no formal fashion training, Marcus Wainwright & David Neville began their journey with learning how to make jeans, and were surrounded with people who had been making patters, cutting fabric and sewing their entire lives.


    Red Valentino tells a contemporary fairytale, one that combines freshness and classic style. Symbolizing a glamorous, romantic and playful parallel world where anything is possible, Red revisits, through innovative visual language, the timeless beauty of Valentino.


    This desirable sunglasses label was established in 2006 after founder Nicole Miller discovered a warehouse full of vintage sunglasses and began sourcing stock from all over the world. Retrosun specialise in vintage designer sunglasses from the world most exclusive designer brands.


    RETRO SUPER FUTURE, also known as Super Sunglasses, was launched in 2007 by Italian publishers of PIG Magazine, Daniel and Simon Beckerman. It collaborates fashion with practicability, creating a sunglasses trend in the fashion scene. To ensure quality is maintained, each pair is handmade in an Italian firm.


    Esteemed British designer Richard Nicoll has constantly been praised for his work since graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 2002. Before launching his solo label in 2005, he gained a reputation working alongside Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. He has subsequently become the Creative Director for Cerruti’s Womanwear, Design Director for Fred Perry’s Womanwear, and is now launching his 7th bestselling capsule at Topshop as well as picking up a loyal A-list clientele like Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller, Kylie Minogue, Kate Bosworth, Kiera Knightly and Sofia Coppola.


    Rick Owens studied art at Parsons in LA. He then spent a number of years cutting patterns for knock-off and sportswear companies. Later, he embarked on his own label. Owens is Artistic Director for Revillon, the French fur brand founded in 1723.


    Rick Owens studied art at Parsons in LA. He then spent a number of years cutting patterns for knock-off and sportswear companies. Later, he embarked on his own label. Owens is Artistic Director for Revillon, the French fur brand founded in 1723.


    Roarguns as known as roar in JAPAN, meaning to bark or to hawl or to scream, we incorporate our original taste into fabric development and its processing. As noticeable in our line, luxurious casual flair is present in everyway.


    Robert Geller was born in 1976 in Hamburg, Germany. He is a German-born American fashion designer. He graduated with a degree in fashion design at RISD in 2001 and moved to New York to join MARC JACOBS shortly after.


    Founded by Marcel Rochas in 1925, Rochas has always been celebrities’ favorite to red carpet events. Recent years, Marco Zanini became the current leading design director for the brand. Since he joined Rochas, he modernizes the brand with its unique style of design but at the same time without losing the elegant identity of Rochas.


    ROGGYKEI believe that fashion is a mirror reflecting ourselves and a way of expression to show our personality, as well as a communication tool with our society. 「We can change who we are by changing our fashion. And when we change ourselves, we can change the people around us…」But fashion should not be categorized like that.


    After graduating from Central Saint Martins, the Serbian-born, London-based designer quickly gained recognition for her utterly modern eveningwear. Roksanda Ilincic's creations are the epitome of effortless elegance.


    Designer ilaria nistri has used her wide travel experience on the design of her collections; whether it's the fabrication or the cutting, she is the pioneer in taking exotic approaches to create one of a kind clothings. Her designs focuses on the technique of mix fabrics and feminine silhouettes with an edge.

  • S

    Starting from SS13, Yves Saint Laurent has changed its name to Saint Laurent Paris together with its new logo. Saint Laurent Paris is a luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé. Yves Saint Laurent, founder of the brand, died in 2008.


    Designers Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton are the founders of Australian brand Sass and Bide in 1999. The brand started off by selling online, at the time all the clothing is designed and handmade by Sarah Jane and Heidi themselves, the cutting edge vintage design with a touch of feminine style has raised attention to the fashion world, and soon followed by participating in 2002 London Fashion Week.


    Diffusion line of Chloe, See by Chloe also defines chic, sensual, French style with romantic, fluid clothes that Chloe created in the early fifties that marked a bold departure from the stiff formality of women fashion.


    Wauchob quoted fifties poet Larking on her invitation. Here, deconstructed styles in layers of delicate fabrics, which have become her signature output, were shown in long and lean silhouettes.


    SHIROMA is the label from the designer Shiho Shiroma. Established in SS2008 and started to exhibit in Paris during SS2010. Born on 1981, Shiho Shiroma had the experience of designing and planning for one of the largest scale overseas Licensed Line from Japan.


    Her familiar name is no coincidence; Simone Rocha is the daughter of Irish designer John Rocha – but her style is very different. She describes it as “modern and strong, yet romantic”. While the romantic influence is apparent, there is a delicate freshness about Simone’s clothes that stem from her treatment of lace and crochet in an emphatically modern and minimalist way.


    SHIROMA is the label from the designer Shiho Shiroma. Established in SS2008 and started to exhibit in Paris during SS2010. Born on 1981, Shiho Shiroma had the experience of designing and planning for one of the largest scale overseas Licensed Line from Japan.


    SOE was founded by its head designer and creative lead Soichiro Ito in 2001 as a line of original men’s clothing that would be completely different from its contemporaries by presenting a wide array of experimental material pairings and meticulous cutting techniques.


    Born in Paris in 1930, her first designs were maternity dresses for herself in 1962. She opened her first boutique in 1968. She is well known as "Queen of Knit".


    Formed by Kiyonaga Hirofumi in 1998. Since he is a football enthusiast, his designs often consist of element from the sport. In the early day, the brand is called Soph. but since then it has changed into the menswear line, SOPHNET, and womenswear, sophnet.


    The daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, Stella McCartney studied fashion design in London. In 2001 to develop her own label as part of the Gucci group, she opened her New York store in 2002.


    Since 2003 Spring/Summer, Kuwahara restarted his brand changing the namefrom “I.S. Sunao Kuwahara” to “sunaokuwahara”, identifying it as a brand that expresses a new value as it attains depth, and highly purified originality.

  • T

    Alexander Wang was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and later moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design. In 2005, after two years, he left school to pursue launching his own label.


    The RERACS are the Japanese team of ready-to-wear apparel. The RERACS mean “scrap” and “re-build”. The RERACS have a mission that they develop one item one season, The RERACS have a mission of making product of Japan-made material only.


    Thom Browne announced his first menswear series in 2001, attentions and compliments were gained immediately. Thom had won major awards thereafter, namely Menswear Designer of the Year (2006) - Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) and Designer of the Year (2008) - GQ.


    Not many fashion designers could put traditional American tailoring to such a pivotal role in the fashion industry, but Thom Browne, who was born in America in 1965, did it. Thom studied performing arts before obtaining a degree of economics, but after his graduation from university, he chose to enter the fashion industry by working as a showroom sales assistant in GIORGIO ARMANI.


    Paula thomas is top model turned designer; currently based in los angeles, the brand has kept its uk cool with feminine fabrics and edgy prints. Skulls are one of the brand's signature detail.


    ts was founded in 1999 by Takuji SuzUnited Kingdomi. In 2009, ts reformed and changed its name to ts(s). Designer added some new elements in the traditional design. The design focuses on the foundation and change, classic and new design, casual and formal, respectively.


    With the title of Assistant Designer to Issey Miyake for Issey Sports under her belt, Tsumori Chisato successfully introduced her own brand named after her name during the Tokyo Fashion Expo in 1990. Since then, her distinct style has been recognized in the world of glitz and glam; styles include floral print and geometrical patterns.


    Launched in 2007, Twenty8Twelve references to film, culture, art, the masculine and the feminine all encompass the Twenty8Twelve personality. Each season new characters inspire the designers to evolve the collection to a new level, offering wardrobe choices with nostalgic references, a smattering of wit and a dose of London grit that is pitched in harmony with its contemporary surroundings.

  • U

    Jun Takahashi Jun s established a label “NOWHERE” with Nigo. First stepped on the stage in Paris, Jun has amazed the fashion world that he was described as “the only Japanese fashion designer who can rock the fashion industry besides Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto”.


    uniform experiment has been started by SOPH.co.,ltd. as an experimental project for mens clothing since 2008. The identity of the brand has built up with several elements such like its original themes for each collection such like "color chart" and "U.E.NAVY".

  • V

    Founded by Valentino Garavani in 1960, Valentino hired Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli as the creative directors since 2008. In 2009, they showcased their first haute couture collection amazing the fashion world.


    Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren worked together as Viktor and Rolf since 1993. Renowned for the cut and proportion of their designs they turn recognisable, classic forms into unfamiliar features, such as oversized shirt collars, sleeves and jackets.

    VISVIM (F.I.L.)

    Hiroki Nakamura was born in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan in 1971. He was educated through work, spending a great deal of eight years working for Burton Snowboards, where he developed his current standards of ethics and quality. visvim is founded by Hiroki Nakamura in 2000, the collection creates with high-quality materials and minimalist style. visvim Men Collection rises rapidly as the brand got the favor from “Japanese Fashion Godfather” Hiroshi Fujiwara. visvim is good at adding new elements into the past item to re-integrate to the new collection and product. Hiroki Nakamura adds indigo elements in the design and gets the re-interpretation of classic stuff. visvim cooperated with a number of well-known brands such as UNDEFEATED, ZUCCa, NEIGHBORHOOD, fragment and SOPHNET. and gained the good evaluation from different fashion lovers.

  • W

    After the former Japanese national goalkeeper, Atsuhiko Mori, retired from his football career, he opened a pub named "ROCK STEADY" in Aobadai, which is a district located in the Meguro area of Tokyo. The pub soon turned into one of the Tokyo's famous leisure spots with the aid of his celebrity friends.


    Walter Van Beirendonck was born in 1957 in Brecht, Belgium, graduated in 1980 from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and was one of the members of "Antwerp Six". After that, he founded his own brand, Walter Van Beirendonck in 1983 and launched the first fashion collection.


    WHIZ is founded by Hiroaki Shitano in 2000. WHIZ is named by the first letter of the creative concept of designer which is "We Have Ideal Zones". In the last season of 20th century, WHIZ LIMITED (WHIZ at the time and changed the name 2003) was established with the publication of the Autumn/Winter Collection 2000.

  • Y

    Survival is for yourself some commitment, which allows us to live in dignity, so that we have courage to forget said by Moroccan-born designer, Yohan Serfaty who set his company headquarter in Paris. He is one of the famous designers of leather work.


    Yohji Yamamoto presented his first Yohji Yamamoto collection in Paris and in 1984 he presented his first Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme collection. Yohji Yamamoto designed a collection for women based on men's garments, cut in uncluttered shapes, washed fabrics and dark colors.


    Fashion brand “Yasutoshi Ezumi” is launched by designer Yasutoshi Ezumi at 2010. The Collection of Yasutoshi Ezumi started from 2010 Autumn Winter. Designer Yasutoshi Ezumi is showing collection of “Yasutoshi Ezumi” and working as Fashion, Textile design and Art Director.


    Yves salomon has long been the expert in the fur industry as manufacturer for many reputable brands, such as thierry mugler, nina ricci, azzendine alaia, jean paul gaultier, prada, sonia rykiel, saint laurent paris, louis vuitton… etc.

  • Z

    Founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, Zadig & Voltaire is enjoying undeniable success in the high end ready-to-wear sector. The brand embodies new luxury by giving fashion basics a playful and resolutely rock’n’roll twist: an affordable, stylish and laid-back luxury.


    Akira OnozUnited Kingdoma graduated from Japanese design school in 1973 and he launched his first menswear collection in 1986 followed by womenswear in 1989 in Paris.


  • A

    Established in Feb 2001 by United Arrows, Another Edition designs soft, vintage and young womenswear in European style. From now, there are already 14 branches in Japan.


    Cute designs for women. Employs multiple styles and a myriad of fabrics. Made with attention to detail. Stylish and subtle items bring out one's individuality.

  • B

    Under BEAMS, B:MING LIFE STORE continues causal and leisure style. It provides happy life experience to family, like its value "nourishes the happiness" suggested.


    BEAMS was founded in 1976 with the goal of changing the culture and customs of Japan's youth. Keeping poised attention on time, BEAMS aims to be the leading force behind lifestyle and culture.


    Started in 1998 with the same concept as the men's shop, ‘Basic & Exciting’, BEAMS BOY created an entirely new genre in the women's fashion market.


    Started in 2002 with the concept Art for Every Day, BEAMS T gathers worldwide artistic graphics which accelerates the evolution of BEAMS.

  • E

    E hyphen world gallery designs workwear and natural style clothes stressing fabric and cutting. Merging with unisex and leisure styles, it creates a new style called 'Neo Mode'.


    Established in 1999, earth music & ecology designs clothes in leisure and sweet styles. All its items are made with passion that can long be loved and worn.

  • F

    It was at the end of the 1940s that Fred Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer, with an idea for marketing a sweatband bearing the Fred Perry name.

  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M

    Being one of the most popular teenage womenswear brand, mysty woman designs feminine, military and trendy items. It suits the girls who love unisex style most.

  • P

    Established in 1975, PAGE BOY designs stylish and causal wears. With the success of catching the trend, it has been famous in both Japan and oversea fashion industry.

  • R
  • S
  • U


  • A

    In 1994 ADDICT emerged with one logo, four t-shirt prints, and a big dream about standing shoulder to shoulder with its American counterparts; which the British label has made through the past eleven years.


    A genuine sportswear legend of all times, Adidas is a major German-based sports apparel manufacturer.From its classic three-stripe saga, Adidas has developed into a trendsetting brand that not only produces sportswear, but also fashionable casual wear.

  • B

    The Billionaire Boys Club was created by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Nigo, the founder of the A Bathing Apebrand. In 2004 BBC signed a contract deal with Reebok to release the clothing line along side the Ice Cream Sneaker Line, also created by Pharrell Williams.


    The name ‘Bounty Hunter’ already imposes this brand’s rock juggernaut. Founded by Hikaru Iwanaga in 1997, Bounty Hunter is obviously devoted itself to the spirit of Rock, drawing its inspirations from everything of Rock for a range of funky products including the sought-after figurines.


    Named after its founding visionary, Jake Burton Carpenter, Burton Snowboards triumphs as the world’s largest snowboard brand. With its exclusive snowboard-related goods of great quality and functionality, Burton emerged from its origin in the United States, to Japan in 1982 as a snowboarding goods supplier.

  • C

    A classic name with its origin dating back to Michigan, USA, in 1889, Carhatt (formerly known as Carhatt USA). Edwin Faeh, the mastermind, adds a contemporary touch to its heritage of design and functionality, bringing streetswear to new heights where rebellious style and thoughtful utility meet.

  • D

    Veteran skateboarders, Ken Block and Damon Way (brother of Danny Way) called the brand they founded in 1994 'DC' because of 'Droors Clothing's .

  • E

    Emerica is historically associated with Etnies, given its name being derived from ‘Etnies America’, that hints at its innovative heritage in pursuing authentic style and flawless utility.


    More than 20 years ago, Etnies, was founded by a French Pro Skateboarder "Platoon", known as Ethics, and was renamed to ‘Etnies’ in 1987, as the one of the first skateboard clothing brands, with its first design being the Pro Model plate Natas.

  • F

    Ironically associated with the f-word, FUCT grabs the attention of hipsters with its one-of-a-kind fusion of skateboarding, graffiti and punk rock music. Famed for its provocative graphics and bold campaigns, FUCT never stops to cross the line and be outspoken; which makes it now an obvious synonym of rebellious cults associated with the ‘anti-‘ words.

  • G

    Since 1998, American skateboard brands Gravis has been focusing on how to strike a balance between aesthetic and functional, with its celebrated range of skateboard shoes.

  • M

    Since the first Major Baseball League collection in 2003 at double-park, after an official authorization that agrees with i.t designing a range of streetwear under the team’s name, MLB.

  • N

    New Balance is a family of brands including New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior and Brine. Since the days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, New Balance has been a brand concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete.


    Nike Sportswear is a product line rooted in the company’s passion for sport while at the same time remixing and improving iconic designs with new technologies. Nike Sportswear launches on 8th Aug, 2008 with eight iconic Nike products celebrating the legacy of Nike design.

  • O

    Sacritcally named to reveal its character as a rebel, OBEY is how Shepard Fairey, an art fanatic from South Corola, USA, makes his attitude and passion for street culture since 1989. The trendsetter draws inspirations from street cultures such as skateboarding, rock and hip hop.

  • P

    Penfield was established in Massachusetts in 1975 and has built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, fleece and outerwear. Penfield garments are designed to stand up to the demands of the New England climate, yet are equally at home sheltering you from the storm anywhere wind blows or rain falls.

  • T

    The Hundreds clothing is inspired by the culture of Los Angeles and California, which is a fruitful blend of skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures. The design is also reminiscent of 1980s surf-culture t-shirts, and the advent of “streetwear” at the end of the millennium. The line is sold in limited quantities in the world’s most prestigious streetwear and skate boutiques and has been recognized by the industry’s leading publications, such as Complex, Streetwear Today, Beinghunted, and Untitled.

  • V

    Sneakers that youngsters don’t want to live without. Vans was started by Paul Van Doren in 1966, who opened his first store in California, with business partners Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee, and Serge D'Elia.


    Volcom spreads across the world with a selection of clothing designed for the coolest people, and grasps youthful attention by helping to express the artistic talent of the future leaders, and the Volcom thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing.

  • X

    This lifestyle brand is a combination of skateboarding, hip-hop, arts, rave, and all sorts of happenings around the world. The name XLARGE ® hints at Gen X and Living Large, and marks oversized baggy jeans as their signature.

  • Z

    ZOO YORK is dedicated to translate the uncompromising vibes that makes this East Coast lifestyle brand a wow among hipsters. Over time the team behind it has been seeing participations of more and more creative aspirers, making its style even more diverse and interesting, and even more adorable to youngsters worldwide. To date ZOO YORK strikes as a world-renowned synonym of the East Coast attitude, with a range of products strongly influenced by skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, punk, and everything in association.



  • A

    Founded In 1993 in Ura-Harajuku, A BATHING APE® soon became a leading Japanese street fashion label. Using the face of an ape as its logo and borrowing from the movie Planet of the Apes the classic catchphrase “Ape shall never kill ape”, the label has been embraced by fashion lovers.

  • B

    Started in 2006, BAPE KIDS® already has four stores in Japan, offering more fashion choices for the younger generation. The collection includes clothes for both boys and girls aged from two months old toddlers to eight years old children.
















tout à coup

Venilla Suite



I.T traces its beginning back to the seeds of a simple idea: to cater the young individuals with a distinct sense of style. It all began in 1988 with a small 200 square-foot shop featuring brands that were not readily available elsewhere in Hong Kong. The shop quickly established itself as a mecca for those with an eye for fresh and fun fashion. The devoted followers that grew from this has pushed the I.T Group to increasing success and ensured that its name has become synonymous with young fashion at the cutting edge. 

I.T rides on a unique multi-brand, multi-layer business model that only proves to success: a multi-channel approach that caters specifically to well-defined groups of fashion lovers in targeted regions with distinct multi-brand stores and single-brand shops. Augmenting this diverse mix are respected brands from around the world that I.T licenses, and exclusively developed house brands. I.T, i.t, ete! and double-park are the flagship multi-brand stores, each appealing to contrasting individuals and tastes while retaining the passion that our company is renowned for I.T shops are the home of sophisticated labels at the forefront of fashion, while i.t is the place for younger shoppers to find the best in fun, edgy casual wear. Fine footwear and accessories feature in the refined spaces of the ete! stores. At double-park, the latest in street wear and the lifestyle that encompasses it are explored in an experimental shopping environment. New and unknown brands alike are nurtured by I.T and are given the opportunity to test the water in new markets. If they pass muster with our discerning shoppers, they have the opportunity to springboard into free-standing stores and even greater exposure.